Why Facebook Is The Blood Of Your Business - Ignore At Your Peril

Written by Seth Rosario on June 30, 2019

If you want to own a successful online business or e-commerce site, you need traffic. You can do it organically… which is SLOW, or you can spread gasoline all over and light that thing up like a wildfire. But hey, each of them have their respective advantages and disadvantages. And if your product is terrible, don’t even bother with Facebook ads.

Facebook has over 2 billion active monthly users, aka, over 2 billion “friends” it can show your product to. It knows a lot about them. Their age, habits, education, etc. And like any good friend, it wants its users to be happy. So like I warned earlier, if you have a terrible product the truth of it will eventually catch up to you. But if you have an awesome product, which I’m sure you might, then Facebook will refer you to EVERYONE who it thinks is the best match or most likely to buy! In all honesty, Facebook works in your favor if you actually know how to use it.

Here’s some key metrics on Facebook ads that I paid someone to look up and write into an article for me:

Learn the importance of Facebook ads and discover ways which will help you achieve your goals and reach millions around the globe.

1. It (Facebook) is one of the best places to demonstrate your product

If you want people to buy your products, you need to take the initiative to showcase it.

Facebook grants you a variety of ways to put your wares on display. They even offer ways which enable you to place your ads wherever you desire. Here is how you can optimize your ad demonstrations.

a. Virtual Product Catalogue – Facebook lets you create a virtual catalog of your products. The catalog will mimic your site, allowing potential customers to interact with your site without actually visiting it. A catalog is hands down more appealing than a standalone link with a thumbnail. People are more likely to react to catalogs than they would do on other ads.

b. Use Premium Images – High-quality images when creating thumbnails. Customers inspect products – and since images are the only thing they have to go on, your pics mean a lot. It’s kind of like a dating app… 

Here are some guidelines to help you out:

* Be unique – but not too unique, unless that’s your thing.
* Use images of people who have used your product. This helps to create a sense of trust between you and your customers. 
* Ok, some people might give us crap for saying this, but consider your audience (shocking, I know)! If you are selling gender specific products, then make the messaging and images consistent with that. But I mean hey, there’s tons of guys who like smelling like shea butter now, so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

2. Facebook Pixel

The Facebook Pixel grants you an eagle eye view of everything that’s going on with your website.

Once you’ve created a pixel you can see purchases, completed registrations, leads gathered, the addition of payment information, checkouts initiated, content viewed by your visitors and so much more.. 

But the fun doesn’t end there. In addition to providing the statistics, Facebook also optimizes your advertisement, targeting individuals who are more likely to buy your product. I’m telling you, Facebook’s like your best friend that’s smarter than you and exists to serve you 24/7! I wish I had one of these friends growing up.

Here’s a little bit about setting up the pixel:

* Create a business manager account;
* Create an ad account;
* Go to the settings page;
* Under “data sources” click on “pixels”;
* Make your own dang quesadilla;
* I meant Facebook pixel…
* Facebook will guide you the rest of the way.

Your data might be useful within 1 day, 1 week, or 1 year. It all depends on the growth-stage of your business.

3. Nurture your Custom Audience

People bounce. They leave a site. Maybe their dog died. Maybe their tree ran into a car. No one really knows what happens to these people, but getting up on them is the worst idea ever. It’s normal for most people to bounce before a purchase. In fact, the likelihood of generating a sale from 100 people who visit your site is usually 2% for ecomm stores. It’s normal – like puberty zits. But just like your relationship with puberty zits, you’re never going to give up on attacking them.

So what do you do with those other 98% of slackers that haven’t accepted your first-date proposal? You become a God, and follow them around for the rest of their lives.


In regular terms, this means retargeting. Make a custom audience on Facebook and show it to people who have seen your products but haven’t bought from you. They’ll buy. They’ll all buy eventually…

Well most of them do. A lot of it plays into psychology. But you don’t need to know all of that. The long and short of it is that you’re probably leaving $10,000/month on the table if you’re a business making $10,000/month right now. Which means you could increase your revenue by just accepting the money that you didn’t even know you practically already had. This is the power of retargeting.

4. Chase Down Cart Abandonment

Remember what I said about becoming a God? Become a God.

Make custom audiences on Facebook with 30 day, 60 day, 90 day, and 180 day conversion windows. I know I’m getting technical, but you’ll figure it out. Google is your friend! So am I… so contact me for help instead.

But don’t stop with Facebook. Not now. Retarget on Google. Retarget on YouTube. Retarget on the Wall Street Journal. Retarget your customer on their bed-time alarm app.

Be the first and last thing they see, every day. Make them only think of you. Best part? Retargeting like this is cheap. You already know the audience, they already like you, and they can’t get enough of you! I promise, if you do this right, you’ll make so much more money than you’re making right now off your ecomm business.

But don’t annoy your customer or give them ad fatigue.
5. Creating A Lookalike Audience

This is only available on Facebook and packs the potential to skyrocket the popularity of your site in a significantly low time.

In order to create a lookalike audience, you must have a loyal customer base. A group of a hundred people is a good place to start.

The goal is to create another customer list of your best people. Upload it to Facebook, or use the pixel like it was meant to be used, and make a LLA (look alike-audience) of any per-cent. 

An LLA will contain individuals that share the same interests and beliefs as your customers. In other words, it’s like your duplicating sales.

The success of the lookalike audience plan depends on a bunch of stuff. But the most important one is something you should have figured out before you even read this absurd-ly awesome article. Does your product solve a problem? Do you know whose problem it solves? If you can answer these questions, you’ll be good.

Final thoughts:

Facebook is a machine that will break you if you let it. But it’ll be your best friend if you know how to care for it and feed it properly.

If you have a solid proof-of-concept for your business, and you know your customer better than they know themselves, you’re ready. So now, you can go ahead and do it! Waste hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to figure it out, or contact my agency to get started and explode in the best way possible with our tried and proven methods. (You know I had to make a shameless plug).

But seriously, is there really an attractive alternative to getting better? (;

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Seth Rosario

Seth Rosario is the owner of Revenue Heights, a marketing agency which specializes in producing an ROI for e-commerce and info-product clients through the use of paid traffic and funnels. Not only has he produced ROI for people, he also enjoys giving his clients a bird’s eye perspective on how they can fix the bleeds within their marketing systems.
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